Future Plans

Aim: Our production increased 10 times more within next 3 months and our aim is to be t the top in our respected field.
Vision: To provide customer with a satisfactory product range at competitive rates with quality.

Mission: Our target is to become more and more perfect in our respective field.

Founder: ‘Beeco Electronics’ was founded by Mr. Gurinder Singh and its CEO Mr Raman Singh. Mr Raman Singh is an electrical engineer by qualifications and started working on a very small scale and his fast skills are fine example of smart work and accuracy. He guided us as a senior official and all the work technology was founded by himself.

Products Profile

We are a prominent name shrink wrap machine, band heaters, muffle furnace, cartridge heaters, fined tubular elements, duct heaters, mould heaters and temperature controllers. Our products are, of high quality in nature and have an unending list of features, the reason we are most preffered. The production in excellent as we use high standard raw material which are 100% certified and taken from reputed suppliers, timely. We often visit our vendors to find new products and raw material for us. The raw materials are soured 70% from overseas and 30 % from India. Following are some noticeable qualities of our products:

  1. Well tested
  2. High quality
  3. Cost effective
  4. Ergonomically designed
  5. Manufacture at any desired watt density

Business Specific Features

The way we work is customer centric. All our products are provided with other advantageous features facilitating our client very well.

Following are some of the benefits we have :

  • Full customized solutions
  • While packing, client’s specification and interest taken into consideration.
  • On-time delivery
  • After sales services provided including manual training, installation and operational training with onsite support.
  • Free sampling policy
  • Association with C&F agents who help in meeting our international client’s demands very well

Team and Management

Our strong team of professionals work actively for the concern. The team we have is quality inspectors ,electrical engineers, marketing and sales analysts, analyst, management, warehouse managers, & administration other skilled workmen. Our employees are provided with regular skill development almost every week and every one of them have high qualifications and long years of experience in their respective field. They have all the knowledge of each and every product and they maintain a high quality in our products.

Quality Compliance

Our focus is towards high quality production and all the products are tested with the testing facilities we have which are required for confirming the quality of a product. From beginning to the end i.e. at the time of finished goods coming out, we have a stringent quality checkups and non accurate things are rejected. Following are some of the quality testing features we perform:

  • We conduct testing with electronic instruments with their timely calibrations.
  • Tests at regular interval of time for each lot and also before the dispatch of the consignment.

All our products are ISI certified and we strictly follow ISO standards, we even have a close watch with supervisors on labours. The quality of our products is maintained by our experienced quality analysts.

Manufacturing Facilities

Our factory area is of 4000 sq. meters where we are have all the developed manufacturing facilities required and the working environment is excellent which is going well with state-of-the-art-infrastructure. Our whole unit is neat and clean with systematic setup for procurement. All the products are manufactured as per ISO standards and we have proper stores with stock management. We outsource our works for painting and fabrications. We work on German machines, we also use the following machines for excellent manufacturing:

Strapping machine

Shrink wrapping machine and many more
We have CAD and CAM facilities for better design and development specially built in-house design unit and advanced facilities for transportation and safe packing.

Packaging Transportation

Our target is to pack the products safely and efficiently by checking each and every product so that we can remove the defective ones immediately. We use weather resistance and shock proof material for packaging and we have sealing machine for safe packaging. Moreover, all the products retain their quality are safe from problems as temperature fluctuations because they are stored in our well managed warehouse. Apart from this the products are delivered, as specified by the client at the correct time and date. C & F agents are linked with us who efficiently help us in meeting the demand of our clients instantly. These are the features which have helped us in achieving a long list of clients.

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