Quartz Tubes

Quartz tubes are made up of raw materials likes natural or synthetic quartz sand. These tubes can be made either in a single step process or in a flexible multi step process. In the single step process, very pure and tightly controlled raw material is continuously electrically fused to form quartz glass tubes. In The outer diameter of the tubes varies from 10 – 60 mm with a wall thickness of 1 mm up to 6 mm depending on the outer diameter in single step process. These tubes are available with snap cut or machine cut ends. On the other hand in the multi step process, batches of quartz glass are formed according to the requirement. With this process it is possible to supply electrically fused as well as flame fused and synthetic quartz glass tubes. The whole diameter range (2 – 900 mm) is covered by this process. Additional annealing is optional for all quartz glass tubes. This crystalline layer forms once the tube has been exposed to temperatures of 1150°C. The crystal layer supports the glass, resulting in significantly lower sagging of the tube. Once crystal formation has started, it is necessary to keep the tubes at temperatures above 300°C. Quartz tubes have ultra high purity, good spectral transmission, well controlled dimensions and lower (OH) Hydroxyl. Quartz tubes are resistant to thermal shock. It also has excellent electrical strength that offers stability under temperature variation.

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