Finned Tube Element

Finned tube element have a finned tubular design that provide uniform air distillation and additional feature allowing for special bonding configuration to provide higher concentration of installed kw energy for a given . These elements can be supplied with bulk need threaded fittings and may include optional hermetically sealed terminals or extra heavy well thickness for use in atmosphere certaining hazardous fumes and gases.

Shealth available: ss304, ss316, ss321 inclonel 800, inclonel 600.
Fins moc available: ss304,ss202,ms galvanized copper, brass, aluminium.


  • Shrinking tunnels: duct heating
  • Drying equipment
  • Air heating
  • Food warmers
  • Dehumidifier
  • Working Temperature: 450 degree Celsius


Another finned heater category strip finned element cover surface area magnesium with element this profile heater is very efficient to liberate uniform heat,but draw back. it can only formed in straight shape or semi round circular shop.


Structure and Material combination and availability is as equal to tubular finned element but maximum working temperature is upto 290 degree Celsius.

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