Drum Melter


Beeco Drum Heater Have recently introduced a number of innovative products and Accessories These include powerful additions to our proven and market leading hazardous area Induction Heaters and comple tely new flexible heating jackets.

Beeco Induction Drum Heaters

  • FAst and efficient way of heating drums up to 205 Litres
  • Proven Lower cost alternative to Multi-drum ovens
  • 240v and 110v versions

This uses a single induction coil to directly heat the wall of Steel drums and containers by an alternating magnetic field. This means there is no heat transfer by conven tional and inefficient radiant radiant elements As there are no hot elements, the heater remains cooler than the drum being heated. No long term service or maintenance is required.

The Heather is suitable for use in hazardous.

To complete the longstanding 240v, our 110v Type B model is now available, ideal where height is restricted, or for heating smaller containers. Two Type B heaters can also be stacked and operated at 240v.

Beeco Base Heater

Provides heat to the base of 205L and smaller containers
Can be combined with other LMK Heating Products

Quality certified product is the culmination of a number of years’s research and development. it is designed to be safely used underneath most drums, and also in conjunction with a “Top-Hat” or our well known Beeco Induction Heater.

The combined effect is a significant improvement in total melt times For difficult solid such as waxes and synthetic resins, whilst still keeping surface temperatures within certified limits.

Beeco Base Heater

  • Provides heat to the base of 205L and smaller containers
  • Digital Thermostat standard

Top plate temperatures can be set and clearly displayed on the integral microprocessor temperature controller. The base heater can be used with or without our other drum heaters and accessories.

Beeco Heating Jacket

Safe Heating of IBC’s even in Hazardous areas

We are pleased to announce the launch Of our new hazardous area new andproprietary design. Constructed with patented technology using carbon rich semi conducting heating membranes, safe operating conditions are maintained even in the presence of potentially explosive gases IBC temperatures up to 55C can be achieved using a 220/240v supply The 210L drum size jacket is ideal for gentle warming and to avoid winter freezing, for higher temperatures ask for more details on Thermosafe and Faratherm Drum Heaters. transformers are required as the jackets can operate from any 110v/240v ac supply.

Beeco of Heating Jackets

  • A vast range of sizes and powers held in stock
  • Custom sizes to order
  • Adjustable Thermostats, from anti-freeze to 180ºC

Beeco Heating jackets are suitable for a wide variety of plastic, fibre and metal containers-drums, tubs, buckets, kegs and Standard sizes readily available. Bespoke service available for custom sizes- just send us photos and dimensions, with temperature requirements.

Power ratings and thermostats can be matched to application need, from winter warming of liquids through to melting of Waxes and gels. Options for increased chemical resistance also available

  • Suitable for single person operation
  • Quality effectivehanical equipment regulations

This mobile unit permits a single person to lift or lower the heater from the drum using a braked hand winch, and easily move the heater to other locations. A wide frame version is available to fit around larger pallets if required

Attachment for fork lift trucks also available, call for more details

Beeco Top Hat

  • Minimises heat loss and increases efficiency
  • Can be used with any enviroment and Faratherm, even in hazardous areas (Rigid Top Hat)

The Flexible Top Hat is a lower cost alternative for use in areas not requiring certification. It covers the exposed section of 205 Litre drums, increasing the maximum drum wall temperature by up to 50C

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